For Sellers


For Sellers

Overview of the Selling Process

It’s important to consider your circumstances and the timing of external factors when planning a sale. Whether you wish to move to a different house, school district, or area, you should formulate a plan that accommodates the timing of your move and does not put you in a compromising position logistically or financially. If you are selling an investment property, you should consider lease timing, tenant occupancy, and optimal times of year to sell.

If your situation demands a property sale as soon as possible, you will want a plan built for efficiency and speed that also maximizes profit. No two sales are the same, but each successful one begins with a well-laid plan. When I work for you, I want to learn everything about your specific situation so we can create a plan that best suits your needs.

Polish Your Property for the Market

This is key. You want your property to be the best version of itself when it hits the market.  When I assess your property to prepare for listing, I’ll identify low-cost improvements that will have the highest impacts on curb appeal, condition, and how your property will show, all of which ultimately affect the sale price. Some improvements may be simple things you can accomplish yourself; others may require the services of a professional. Sometimes it’s advantageous to professionally stage your property. I will help you determine how best to prepare your property, and can provide resources if needed from the network of contractors and service providers I have cultivated over the years.

Prepare to List

Professional photography, which I provide for all my listings, is of utmost importance for the MLS listing, online ads, and social media posts for your property – the lenses through which the world will see your property for the first time. My listings always include complete information about your property’s features and remarks that explain what makes your property special. The signage, open houses, and schedule for listing are all designed to maximize your property’s visibility and exposure to the market. To capture the most recent and relevant market data before listing, I provide a comprehensive valuation report to help you determine a list price that will generate the most buyer interest, create competition, and yield the best sale price and terms possible.

Show and Sell

Once your listing hits the market, I will report to you the level of interest, the showing schedule, and feedback from agents and buyers. I’m always prepared to make adjustments when needed to improve a listing’s performance and I do not stop marketing your property until it is under contract. When a contract or hopefully multiple contracts are submitted, I help you negotiate the best price and terms possible.

Contract to Close

Ratifying a contract to sell your property marks the halfway point of your sale. The second half occurs from contract to closing. Depending on the specifics of your transaction, I will facilitate or guide you through:

  • Collection and keeping of all documentation
  • Complying with all contractually required timelines and deadlines
  • Delivery of Homeowners Association Disclosure Packet
  • Confirmation of purchaser’s earnest money deposit
  • Monitoring of purchaser’s loan application process
  • Negotiation during inspections
  • Starting your closing file with an attorney or closing agent of your selection (I can make recommendations if you need)
  • Address of any inspections for which the seller is responsible, such as wood-destroying insects, well-water tests, or septic systems
  • Conferring with you and your closing attorney about the closing process, title, contract compliance, or any issues which may arise
  • Scheduling a final walk-through prior to closing
  • Address of any issues discovered at final walk-through
  • Address of any last-minute issues before closing

No Two Transactions Are Identical

I focus on the details of your transaction to ensure you have a smooth and successful closing.

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